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   (Buea & Bonaberi, Douala )

Posted : 13 July, 2021
Category : Training & Development   Location : Buea & Bonaberi, Douala
Job type : Full Time
  • Welcome to CHEM4LIFE, we are offering courses in COATING, AGROCHEMICALS, COSMETICS AND DETERGENT FORMULATIONS which are the core in Chemical Manufacturing Industries. The chemical industry is a gold mine to all actors engaged in it. It accounts for over 120 million jobs worldwide, with a global GDP of 5 trillion dollars as of 2018. The chemical industry is the largest contributor to the global GDP. Sadly enough, Africa with a population of over 1.2 billion people, contributes about 0.04% to this value,and accounts for less than a million jobs.From the above statistics, the chemical sector in Africa, is still vastly underdeveloped and utilized. This problem is largely due to lack of working knowledge, in the various sectors of the chemical industry. With the above said, we are offering a once in a life time opportunity, to anyone wishing to pursue a career in the chemical industry.Therefore, why should you enroll for this training? 1.The training is Skill based. This training is designed to equip our students with the relevant hands-on skill experience, necessary to navigate successfully through your career.  This training is perfect for those with little, or no experience in the chemical sector. We employ modern teaching methods, which is student centered and practice based.This program consists of 30 % lectures and 70% laboratory practice.  2.This training takes the student through the entire process of product development with its exigencies, thereby equipping them with problem solving, creative and innovative skills. Our tutors are industry experts with over 7 years of experience in the chemical sector. Moreover, we are in partnership with several firms which has vetted our course material to suit industry requirements and outlooks.   3. Our consultancy provides mentorship to students who wish to start-up. Our mentors are legal, industry, marketing, and business experts who are ready to provide assistance through the process of enterprise creation, small scale factory setup, enterprise management and product marketing respectively. Our partners cut across a wide spectrum of manufacturing industries and institutes of Higher Learning. We look forward to having you as one of the privileged to undertake this training.


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