Posted : 9 December, 2021
Location : Mamfe
Category : Medical
Job type : Full Time



Doctors Without Borders, for its activities in MAMFE


(ref: SNPSY120321)


Doctors Without Borders (DWB) is an international non-governmental medical association providing assistance to populations in distress, to victims of natural or man-made disasters and to victims of armed conflict irrespective of race, religion, creed or political convictions. We observe neutrality and impartiality in the name of universal medical ethics and the right to humanitarian assistance and claim full and unhindered freedom in the exercise of our functions.


Related with our activities we are looking for a Specialized Nurse Psychiatry


Working location(s): Mamfe District Hospital, and in certain cases in Mamfe Primary health care facilities.

Type of contract: Fixed Term 6 months

Salary: According to the organisation´s Salary Grid - Level 7



Main purpose

Provide effective and high-quality care for patients with severe mental disorders and their families in accordance with Doctors Without Borders principles, standards and procedures in order to improve their mental health and psychosocial support, through direct clinical care and reinforcing capacity building of mental health and medical team as well.


Accountabilities and Tasks

·       Provide direct, effective, and high-quality clinical care for mental health patients with severe mental health disorders and their families in accordance with DWB protocols and technical guidelines.

o   Provide for new patients first consultation: Adequate Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment management (pharmachological and psychosocial interventions) and develop a care plan.

o   Conduct follow-up for all Mental Health (MH) psychiatric patients (pharmachological - psychosocial intervention) developing -re adapting (if is necessary), treatment plan, working closely with MHFP- MH team.

o   Improve and reinforce appointment system in order to reduce the lost-to-follow-up.

o   Carryout individual and family psycho-education interventions related Severe Mental Health Disorders (SMHD).

o   Contribute to improve criteria’s and strategies of identification - referral of psychiatric patients.

o   Train MH staff (counsellor educators) in psychosocial assessment and management of SMHD.

o   Inform Supervisor and medical team questions- problems that may arise with the psychiatric patient’s treatment, in order to offer the best solution with a comprehensive approach.

o   Participate in trainings, group cases discussions, individual supervisions, refreshments of MH-DWB protocols related with MHD- SMHD and attendance to Psychiatric referent supervisions.

·       Carryout direct, effective, and high-quality emergency clinical care for mental health patients with severe mental health disorders (SMHD) and their families in accordance with DWB protocols and technical guidelines.

o   Provide Individual and group psychological First Aid.

o   Conduct management of psychiatric agitated patients

o   Responde to other MH emergencies: Suicide, self-harm, Acute Mental Distress (AMD), or other MH emergencies.

o   Contribute to the improvement of criteria’s and strategies of management of MH emergencies

o   Report MHAM, MHS and medical team any questions-problems that may arise with the psychiatric patient’s emergency management, in order to reinforce the answer capacity of all medical team.

·       Provide correct management of mental health data- information:

o   Guarantee confidentiality, making sure all MH information is protected and strictly maintained as confidential.

o   Ensure accurate data collection of MH clinical files (Individual-Group), according with the parameters of Guidelines on Mental Health Data Collection & Monitoring System of DWB.

o   Report timely and accurately, weekly and monthly reports: Psychiatric line list, psychiatric report and other reports can be identified as necessary and make contributions to analysis of MH information.

o   Ensure all psychiatric nurse MH activities performed are being registered in HIMS timely and correct.

·       Oversee the management of psychotropic medications:

o   Work in close collaboration with DWB pharmacy team for correct storage and security of psychotropic medication.

o   Ensure psychotropic medications from DWB standard drug list are available in the project

o   Guarantee the fulfilment of DWB protocols regarding psychotropic prescriptions and delivery.

o   Provide to pharma in monthly, quarterly or annual bases, report regarding psychotropic medication needs, carrying feedbacks for orders such as: 2+1, IMO, local purchases and others required.

o   Support pharma and NAM in the elaboration and monitoring of psychiatric emergencies kits.

o   Monitor and analyze psychotropic consumption, performance weekly inventory and cross check with the registry, reporting report timely and accurately, to pharmacy in order to prevent: Pre-ruptures, ruptures and report and analyze on time over-under consumption.

·         Implement types and topics MHPSS group activities especially related with SMHD:

o   Provide Counselling, psycho education, group discussion, trust building, and support groups, for mental health beneficiary’s with MHD and SMHD

o   Develop new types and topic of group activities according with the psychiatric care needs identified.

o   According with needs identify, propose and provide specific group activities for family members of patients with SMHD.

o   Identify and develop other group activities identified as key to SMHD and MHD oriented to improve quality of care and life and reduce stigma and discrimination for patient’s with SMHD and their families.

·       Work in close collaboration with the mental health activity manager (MHAM) and mental health supervisor, to strengthen the Mission's capacity for psychiatric care, as mental health activity:

o   Understand, support and ensure the implementation of mental health psychiatric care strategy.

o   Evaluate, update, and follow-up functionality of the psychiatric referral systems and path ways for emergencies, while ensuring the treatment, identification and implimentation of actions to improve and strengthen the system.

o   Ensure the implementation of DWBs´ psychiatric protocols with all severe mental health disorder patients following QOC.

o   Identify, propose and implement activities to reduce stigma and discrimination against patient’s with SMHD, and their facilities working in close collaboration with DMC and HP.

o   If directed, liaise with other private key organizations or the Ministry of Health (MoH) regarding mental health.

o   Support the sensitization activities for DWB staff or external partners about mental health /psychosocial issues

·       Build and improve the technical capacity of identified staff DWB and MoH:

o   Train (MH GAP and other trainings) psychologists, counsellors, doctors, nurses and other key DWB health workers for support the implementation of the psychiatric care strategy for patients with SMHD and their families, in terms of knowledge of SMHD, identification and referral, and management of treatment and emergencies when gaps are present. 

o   Work in close collaboration and train mental health focal points in order to be able to provide basic and quality counselling (individual/family/group) to MH beneficiaries, through an adequate assessment of patient's problems -symptoms, identify needs and develop a care plan.

o   Train MH Gap medical staff and MHFP, in order for them to be able to identify, screen, diagnose, assess and manage (pharmachological and non-pharmachological), patients with severe mental health disorders.


Context Specific Accountabilities

  • The psychiatric nurse will support all DWB Mamfe project (anglophone Cameroon)
  • Provide psychiatric care in Mamfe District Hospital, Mamfe Primary health care facilities (if required), and other areas the mission recognizes as needing support.
  • Support doctors and nurses in DWB´s projects in North West and South West, in addition to key medical resources supported by DWB. 
  • Support the medical teams on the field during ¨One shot ¨mobile activities and emergency reponse activitites when it is necessary.





        Essential recognized nurse psychiatry degree/diploma

        Essential bachelor’s in science of Nursing

        Desirable courses related with mental health

        Desirable courses related with psychiatry care (treatment and emergencies)









        Essential 2 years of previous experience in psychiatry nursing with training abilities

        Desirable previous experience with Doctors Without Borders

        Desirable previous experience with other NGOs in similar positions

        Essential previous experience with other NGOs



        Essential Mission language (English)

        Essential Local language essential (Pidgin)

        Desirable other local languages




        Teamwork and Cooperation L3

        Results and Quality Orientation L3

        Behavioral Flexibility L3

        Commitment to MSF Principles L2

        Stress Management L3

        Planning and Organizing L3

        Service orientation L2



Other Skills:                Computer Literacy (Microsoft Office)                                           



All applications (CV, cover letter, diplomas, working certificates, telephone number, etc.) must be sent by email to the following address msfe-cameroon-recruitment@barcelona.msf.org mentioning on the subject: REFERRAL / SPECIALIZED NURSE PSYCHIATRY – SNPSY120321 or else be submitted at Office of DWB in Buea, Kumba or Mamfe in a sealed envelope mentioning REFERRAL / SPECIALIZED NURSE PSYCHIATRY – SNPSY120321 for the attention of Doctors Without Borders HR department.


Deadline for the reception of applications : Saturday January 15th, 2021


NB: No applications will be accepted after the deadline. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Application documents are non-returnable; please do not submit original documents. Certificates necessary to prove work experience. Writing tests will be done in our offices after the selection of the applications, interviews will take place in Mamfe.


* All recruitment processes in DWB are free of charge


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