Posted : 12 May, 2021
Location : Buea, Cameroon
Category : IT, Software development
Job type : Full Time

Spreeloop is an engineering and professional services company created by young, dynamic Africans specialized in the design, build and deployment of integrated and embedded software solutions to automate African businesses in order to increase their visibility, their sales and their clients-relationship.


  • Design and Build sophisticated and highly scalable apps using Flutter.
  • Build custom packages in Flutter using the functionalities and APIs already available in native Android and IOS.
  • Translate and Build the designs and Wireframes into high quality responsive UI code using Model-View-ViewModel-Controller (MVVM) as it relates to designing, developing architecture and developing maintainable, testable and functional software that meets product requirements.
  • Explore possible architectures for implementing new features.
  • Resolve any problems existing in the system and suggest and add new features in the complete system.
  • Suggest space and time efficient Data Structures.
  • Follow the best practices while developing the app and also keeping everything structured and well documented.
  • Use CI/CD for smooth deployment.
  • Document the project and code efficiently.
  • Manage the code and project on Git in order to keep in sync with other team members.
  • Ensure security guidelines are always followed while developing the app.
  • Suggest new features and/or enhancements.
  • Resolve all the bugs reported by the team members  in a timely manner.
  • Execute app verification protocol.
  • Write tests for the App.
  • Following company policies and quality procedures to ensure quality product deliverables.



  • Flutter: To build cross platform mobile apps for Android, IOS and Web. This should include from making responsive UIs to efficiently query data and also manage states in an optimized manner.
  • Git: To manage and collaborate in different projects with the rest of the team.



  • Native Android and IOS: To build custom Flutter Packages
  • Firebase: Should have experience with Cloud Firestore, Push Notifications, Cloud Functions and Analytics.

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