Senior Planning Engineer / French Speaker at Arabian Construction Co.

Posted : 14 January, 2022
Location : Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroun
Category : Construction
Job type : Full Time

  • Recognize risks & critical items falling under his jurisdiction.
  • Review related specifications, design drawings & design updates.
  • Establish work items priorities; Quantities per sequence; Identify relationships between trades & items.
  • Coordinate with Technical Manager and Construction Manager to assess schedule impact of Value Engineering; Prepare revised program.
  • Receive a copy of certified payment& updates program accordingly as required.
  • Identify specification requirements; Agree presentation format illustrating delay impact and various scenarios as required by PM/CM; Develop sub programs as needed; Coordinate with PM on global planning and milestone
  • identification; Agree on sequence and durations with CM; Develop relationships among activities; Develop program & review with CM; Present to PM for approval; Review according to Engineer's comments; Collect data from CM / section engineers for periodic updates, and flag potential delays; Implement modifications; Provide updates & look ahead.
  • Train subordinates (where applicable); Measure improvement of performance of selected training candidate Assist PM in establishing Project particulars and Specific objectives for each position in planning unit & interfacing with planning unit; Conduct periodically performance appraisal in accordance with Head Office HR policy.
  • Acquire &respect through implementation company culture and company policies.
  • Incorporate needed time &resources in program; Update same.
  • Develop Schedule based on execution strategy laid down by PM; Identify major milestones in method statement; Coordinate with CM compliance of trade method statements with schedule established sequences and relations between various activities.
  • Prepare & prioritize procurement schedule.
  • Develop cash flow in compliance with Head Office; Set guidelines and policies in line with program.
  • Shop drawings/ As Built Drawings: Develop schedule of submittals.
  • Claims & Variations: Assist in illustrating and substantiating variation time effects and claim events.

NB: Call +237 233430775 for application procedure 

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