Sales Representative

Posted : 13 April, 2021
Location : Yaounde, Cameroon
Category : Commerce, Marketing Et Vente
Job type : Full Time


The Sales Representative (Sales Rep) serves customers by selling our educational products that meet their educational and/or career development needs. The primary responsibility of the Sales Rep is to communicate the solutions of Caasitech Academy to the understanding and acceptance of the Client (Trainee or Learner). S/he works closely with the Client to understand their environment and their needs.

The role requires excellent negotiation and presentation skills, independent judgement, initiative, communication and interpersonal skills.


A. Customer Sourcing, Profiling, Negotiation and Sales

Develops sales efforts by studying existing and potential volume of clients.

Brings innovation and change to the content of sales presentations by studying the type of trade involved.

Prospect for new clients

Categorise and profile prospects to suspects to customers

Follow through the conversion of prospects to clients

Provide needed assistance to potential clients

Present offers and negotiate deals with prospects

B. Customer Relationship Management

Resolves customer complaints by investigating problems and developing solutions.

C. Competitive Analysis and Strategy

Monitors competition by gathering current marketplace information on pricing, new job offer tactics, delivery schedules, merchandising, techniques.

D. Other duties and responsibilities

Recommends changes in services, approach and competition development.

Building engagement on social media and messaging platforms

Representing Caasitech Academy at events and functions

Writing and presenting Activity Reports - weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.


Ability to meet and exceed sales goals

Maintain good client relationship

Have an excellent knowledge of all Caasitech Academy’s products - Modern Workforce and Certifications - and methods.

Ability to initiate, negotiate and close deals

Excellent use of internet technologies like search engines, social media and messaging apps.

Excellent at using Microsoft Office Suite - Word, Excel and PowerPoint or alternatives.

Ability to work in teams.

Excellent at writing reports.

Open and willingness to learn new techniques and processes.

Ability to develop new ideas, products and procedures.

Self confident, quick and ready to learn, innovative, persuasive and apt.

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