QUALITY MANAGER (Male / Female) at Africa Food Manufacture

Posted : 7 January, 2022
Location : Douala, Littoral Cameroon
Category : Quality Management
Job type : Full Time






Reporting to the QHSE Manager, the Quality Manager is responsible for:

–        Ensure the quality and harmlessness of products for the satisfaction of customers by respecting standards and regulations

–        Manage documentation and educate staff on the application

–        Ensure the implementation and monitoring of Quality management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 22000)

–        Ensure the normative, legal and regulatory watch relating to Quality and SDA



Coordinate control and quality assurance activities

  • Develop and ensure the implementation of quality control plans from raw material to finished products
  • Coordinate the activity of the laboratory and controllers QHSE
  • Check the test results and the release of products
  • Ensure proper treatment of non-compliant products and quarantine internal incidents, suppliers or customers
  • Ensure claims processing
  • Ensure compliance traceability
  • To monitor improvement actions

Ensure the implementation and monitoring of Food Quality and Safety management systems (QSDA)

  • Implement the steps of setting up systems QSDA accordance with the guidelines of the Directorate
  • Monitor the proper functioning of systems set up QSDA
  • Perform internal audits and inspection QHSE, supplier audits and customer visits as appropriate
  • Facilitating meetings of problem-solving groups
  • Follow up on corrective actions resulting from audits, inspections and other
  • Ensure the maintenance and renewal of various certificates in collaboration with different drivers involved

Manage QHSE documentation and educate staff

  • Ensure the development and documentation management systems QHSE
  • Develop and maintain the QSDA dashboards
  • Educate staff on the application of mastery measures QHSE

Ensure the normative and regulatory watch

  •   Ensure compliance with standards and regulations applicable to the products and activity
  • Ensure the renewal of certificates of compliance products and other regulatory requirements QSDA
  • Host inspections and external audits (administration, certification bodies, suppliers, customers, etc.) and ensure follow-up of recommendations

SDA team leader

  • Ensure that the FSMS is established, implemented, maintained and updated;
  • Manage and organize the work of the SDA team;
  • Ensure the relevance of training and skills of the SDA team
  • Report to the management of the effectiveness and relevance of the FSMS

Responsible for PRP 15:

Prevention of the intentional introduction of hazards into foodstuffs, biovigilance and bioterrorism


                             JOB REQUIREMENTS AND REQUIRED SKILLS



  • Education Level: Engineer / Master Quality Safety Environment or Engineering / Master Biochemical Sciences or LPN with additional training in QHSE
  •  Additional training and / or qualifications: Internal Audit QHSE, First Aid, Fire Safety
  •  Professional experience: 05 years minimum
  •  Maximum age: 50 years





  • General knowledge in science: chemistry, biology, biochemistry, food processing processes, QHSE management, etc.
  • Mastery of microbiological analysis methods, physical-chemical and organoleptic
  • Knowledge of ISO quality standards or standards more widely Quality, Health, Safety, Environment
  • Formalizing processes and procedures necessary for the operation of the company
  • Mastery of quality tools
  • Fluency in Risk Analysis
  • Master QHSE standards (ISO 9001, ISO 22000)
  • Master of HACCP
  • Lead a team
  • Implementation of a continuous improvement process
  • Mastery of office tools
  • Master of QHSE regulations and realization of regulatory monitoring
  • Analysis of a malfunction or nonconformity


  • Demonstrate rigor;
  • Have a critical mind;
  • Able to work in a team;
  • React quickly, with calm and self-control, in the presence of a sudden event;
  • good physical condition (standing and squatting work),
  • Communicate easily;
  • Be lively, vigilant and rigorous;
  • Demonstrate initiative;
  • Resistance to stress;
  • Memorize information;
  • Demonstrate mobility;
  • Not Allergic;
  • Work in a clean and tidy environment (5S)
  • Have a LEAN sense (energy saving, avoiding waste)
  • Good ability to plan activities and monitor them on a daily basis .



  • Great rigor to enforce QHSE standards and regulatory constraints
  • Anticipation capacity to identify potential risks and anticipate taken appropriate measures
  • Ease editorial to write the procedures, work instructions and other reports
  • Strong interpersonal skills in order to interface with the various internal and external partners
  • Ability to work in team
  • Good negotiation skills and conviction to pass the quality requirements
  • Adaptability Strong to work with all departments of the company


Africa Food Manufacture, certified ISO 9001: version 2015 gives priority to meritocracy and inclusion; therefore, it cannot apply any discrimination whatsoever in matters of recruitment, training, career development and promotion on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin or sex; marital status, disability, religion,   creed and age.



  • Updated curriculum vitae with references;
  • Cover letter ;

All applications must be submitted to the Human Resources office. (CV and cover letter) or online via our address recrutement@africafoodmanufacture.com


It  is recommended candidates to apply by mentioning in the subject title of the position advertised.


Only compliant applications will be retained for the future.

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