Posted : 23 August, 2022
Location : Maroua, Cameroon
Category : Social Works
Job type : Full Time

Job offer
Action Against Hunger – Cameroon

Action Against Hunger is an International, non-political, non-confessional and non-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). For our operations in Cameroon, we are looking locally for:
ONE (01) SUPERVISOR Distributions Essential Household Items, CASH and Multisectoral Evaluations M/F


Base of attachment:                      Maroua

Number of positions: 01

Duration of contract: Until 03/31/2023

Start date: September 2022

Supervised by: Deputy RRM Program Manager

Location: Maroua

Gross salary for the category: According to the current salary scale of Action Contre la Faim

Place of residence: The employee's place of residence will be Maroua

Objective of the position: Participate in the organization, the implementation of multi-sector evaluations and the follow-up of emergency distributions within the framework of the RRM project. Actively participate in humanitarian monitoring and contribute to the development of program monitoring and evaluation tools and to the capitalization of program activities

 Diplomas/Level of studies/Experience:

- BTS/BAC + 3 in a field of social science or equivalent

- 2 years in an implementation position in an RRM NFI-Shelter project,

- Experience in needs assessment

Skills required:

- Team management and planning of activities

- Good organizational skills

- Good quality in emergency distribution

- Autonomy and spirit of initiative

- Knowledge of local languages ??spoken in the area of ??intervention (Mafa, Kapsiki, Fulfuldé, Arab choa…..)

- Flexibility and adaptability - Ability to work under pressure, to meet short deadlines

- Experience in an RRM program would be an asset

Main Tasks

Mission 1: Participate in humanitarian monitoring


- Contribute to the assessment and analysis of the humanitarian context of the RRM ACF intervention zone by collecting reliable information from the field;

- Contribute to the identification of focal points and feed the contact database;

- Develop contacts with the humanitarian community and key people in the communities to ensure good feedback.

Mission 2: Conduct Multisectoral Needs Assessments for IDPs

- Tasks:

- Monitor the evolution of humanitarian needs in the area through the regular performance of multisectoral assessments (EMS) and the conduct of exploratory missions (MEX).

- Coordinate and supervise and periodically evaluate the Distribution monitors;

- Supervise field surveys, including post-distribution surveys, KAP (knowledge, attitudes and practices) analysis of gender dynamics and multi-sector rapid assessments;

- Analyze the impact of interventions through post-distribution monitoring (PDM/PIM).

- Ensure the quality of the data collected and compiled by the project teams.

- Improve tools for monitoring activities and projects.

- Ensure that all survey data includes sources of verification;

- Ensure the accountability of projects, in particular through the implementation of a system for reporting complaints and requests for information;

- Establish and regularly update a database of permanent investigators and focal points for the project.

- Check the quality of the data collected

- Identify the constraints / problems encountered in the implementation of activities and propose solutions for possible improvements.

- Write activity reports (multi-sector evaluations, distribution, recommendations follow-up matrix, etc.

Mission 3: Supervise assistance activities in AME and Cash


- Participate in the definition of vulnerability assessment/census criteria, vulnerability analysis tools, intervention criteria and supervise distributions,

- Participate in the training of local partners/daily workers in census and distribution methodologies

- Participate in the definition of the methodology for targeting beneficiaries and the methods of implementing interventions (classic distribution and/or Cash) and in the training of local partners/daily workers

- Participation in raising awareness among the various actors on the implementation implementation of the RRM system

- Participation in the implementation of contingency stocks AME-Shelter

- Participate in the planning of activities and compliance with the implementation plan of the RRM system.

- Participate in the implementation of AME/Cash intervention and awareness-raising activities

- Drafting of the various reports required under this RRM system;

- Compliance with the objectives defined in the project proposal (monitoring of defined indicators, reporting, etc.)

- Participating in the animation of the consultation frameworks provided for in the projects;

- Participates in market analysis / feasibility and selection of traders in the event of an intervention in Cash via vouchers

Mission 4: Monitoring, evaluation and reporting of activities implemented


- Participate in surveys and other studies (creation of selection questionnaires with future beneficiaries, training of daily relays, supervision of data and consistency of databases);

- Ensure compliance with the schedule of activities and informs his superior in case of delay in the schedule and proposes solutions;

- Organize an efficient and systematic filing of the various documents and data essential to the smooth running of activities;

- Identify the obstacles and difficulties that hinder the smooth running of activities and refer them to the line manager;

- Write weekly reports if necessary in collaboration with his superior;

- Participate in the development of future projects, in particular by reporting information relating to the analysis of the beneficiaries' needs;

- Ensures the proper involvement of the competent authorities in the implementation of the programs.

Mission 5: Supervision of the team of day laborers and monitors


- Define the action plan of the investigators/day laborers and minitors and supervise their activities, capacity building needs and set up training (census methodology/targeting ), if necessary ;

- Ensures with the logistics department that the safety of its teams is ensured (means of transport, means of communication, etc.);

- Contribute to ensuring compliance with ACF's internal regulations with the team of community relays/daily workers;

- Identify the training needs of his team and complete the training of this team if necessary.

- Mandatory transmit to his hierarchy any information in his possession relating to safety in the area of ??intervention, or which may have consequences on this same area.

- Take into account the time and logistical constraints of the mission as well as the purchasing procedures specific to the programs in order to ensure that its request is realistic given the supply deadlines.

- Ensures, in coordination with the logistics department, that the storage of materials specific to his/her programs is appropriate.

- Communicate to his line manager on a weekly basis his needs in vehicles and communication equipment for the implementation of the program

Mission 6: Prepare, direct the distributions


- Meet local partners, inform them and raise their awareness of the program;

- Inform the beneficiaries of the registration process;

- Enter and update beneficiary data;

- Prepare distribution lists.

- Participate in the identification of distribution sites;

- Participate in the planning of transport and storage at distribution points;

- Organize and supervise the distribution process;

- Intervene in the event of a dispute;

- Write a distribution report;
- Train and supervise members of the distribution team;
- Provide technical support to the distribution team;
- Sensitize the beneficiaries to the NFI/SHELTER intervention process and on the use of the distributed kits. Gender approach:
- Commit to respecting and applying ACF's gender policy;
- Integrate the gender approach into activities;
- Contribute to a work environment taking into account the specificities of each other and avoid any discrimination;
The Action Contre la Faim recruitment procedure includes 3 key stages:
1. A pre-selection based on the file submitted (only candidates whose skills and experience correspond to the profile described in the offer are selected for the test writing)
2. A written technical test  
3. An oral interview
For each stage, only the selected candidates are contacted.

 Send your application via this link:   indicating 

Station reference MA-RRM-082022-02 

Applications must be sent before Wednesday August 31, 2022.

For the attention of: Head of Human Resources Department, Action Against Hunger Cameroon Only selected candidates will be contacted by Action Against Hunger in order to carry out tests and interviews. 






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