Posted : 6 June, 2021
Location : Yaoundé, Cameroun
Category : Nursing
Job type : Full Time



BettaHealth Cameroon is a company that offers innovative access to health care in the outpatient, home care and telemedicine sectors.

Our goals are to improve quality of life, reduce hospitalizations, reduce wait times and reduce costs. We provide qualified and well-trained doctors and nurses to provide health services from the comfort of our patients' homes, as well as home support service for the elderly, non-medical on-call care in addition to nursing home care. home.

We also provide various outpatient clinical care services in our health center and emergency medicine. To learn more, visit our website:

In connection with our activities, we are looking for a qualified NURSE.



Title : Nurse

Reports to : Chief Medical Officer

Place of work : Yaounde - Nkozoa

Number of positions : one (01)



Under the supervision of the Chief Medical Officer, the nurse will, among other things, provide patient support and treatment of patients at the facility level through the provision of nursing and medical care, as required, in order to '' ensure an optimized continuum of care for patients.




• Be available, courteous and polite to patients / clients

• Participate in the reception and installation of patients (depending on the pathology) as well as their entourage

• Collection of important information for patient care

• Provide useful information to patients / clients and their entourage

• Installation of surveillance equipment



• Hygiene and patient comfort care

• Practice of routine care (parameters, infusion, dressing, injection, sampling, etc.)

• Follow-up of care and treatment specific to patients

• Recognize an emergency and be able to react quickly and effectively

• Observe a change in the physical and behavioral state of a patient and alert

• Take the prescribed blood samples

• Ensure the maintenance of the equipment, the cleanliness of the room, etc.

• Be able to manage the various service equipment and recognize malfunctions

• Prepare and transport the patient for special examinations

• Ensures continuity of care through written and oral communications

• Recording of data related to the activity of the service

• Analyze the quality of care and improve their professional practice

• Participate in the control and maintenance of the department's pharmacy and medical equipment (quality and operation, storage conditions, monitoring of stocks of expired drugs, inventory of drugs and equipment at each change of team, ensuring that no equipment left the treatment area) / quarters without prior authorization, etc.)


• Essential qualification or specialization in nursing. Desirable Bachelor of Science in Nursing

• At least 2 years of (uninterrupted) experience in the position and BE ABLE TO WORK IN ALL DEPARTMENTS

• Sense of observation, sense of organization, teamwork

• Be able to keep cool in the face of pressure

• Listening to patients and knowing how to reassure themselves

• Have a good capacity for concentration and good physical resistance

• Registered with the necessary regulatory bodies

• Proficiency in the MS Office suite and basic computer use

• Fluency in French and English


• Permanent contract

• Three months probation, with evaluation of the probation period

• Possibility of renewal of the probationary period

• Competitive and negotiable salary proposals

APPLICATION DEADLINE : Thursday, June 10, 2021


• A letter of motivation, addressed to the chief medical officer of BettaHealth Cameroon

• An updated CV (with the names and addresses of 3 reference persons)

• Copy of diplomas corresponding to the job requested

The file bearing the job title must be submitted to the following address:

BettaHealth Cameroon

Minister Entrance - Nkozoa, Yaoundé

Phone: (237) 655455631

Or send by e-mail to with the subject line: NURSE 

Male applicants are strongly encouraged

NB: No application will be accepted after the deadline. Only selected candidates will then be invited for an interview.

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