Local development coordinator

Posted : 4 June, 2021
Location : Tout le Cameroun
Category : Local Development, International Project Management, Agriculture / Agronomy and Rural Development.
Job type : Full Time


The SOSUCAM Foundation:

This international volunteering mission announcement is published in order to initiate a preparation process. In this particular context, the finalization of the deployment route of the volunteers selected as well as the assignment abroad will be subject to the sanitary conditions and administrative authorizations required in France and in the country of international mission. CEFODE (Development Cooperation and Training) reserves the right to suspend or postpone depending on the context.


Location:  Mbandjock


Functions:  Project and program management











Date of validity:  15/06/2021


Context of the assignment:


Since 2009, the SOMDIAA Group has set up a network of Foundations covering all of its agro-industrial perimeter in Central and West Africa. These associative structures, provided financially by their host company, are dedicated to the structuring, training and promotion of local development initiatives aiming in the medium term to empower the civil society present in the locality. The proposed strategy is that of participatory development centered on the aspirations and initiatives of the target groups. The Foundation is positioned as a support structure, support-advice and guidance, particularly in the reflection on projects but also in establishing contact with partners and specialized technical structures.


Societal commitment in Cameroon:


SOSUCAM is an agro-industrial production unit located in central Cameroon on the Mbandjock and Nkoteng sites (ex-CAMSUCO). Its industrial activity has led to significant migratory influxes in the region. His activity has gradually stabilized, making the possibilities of hiring limited. In order to ensure the development of the surrounding village communities, the SOMDIAA Group has created a network of Foundations located in the countries where it is present. These Foundations are responsible for managing and optimizing the resources allocated to external projects and to social and solidarity actions. Associations under local law, they are organized around the general assembly of members, the Project Selection Committee (made up of volunteer employees from the Subsidiary) and the Steering Committee,


Intervention area: Department of Haute Sanaga, Center Region, CAMEROON. Sub-Prefecture of Mbandjock, Villages of the sugar area of ??Mbandjock.



  Rationale for the mission of the volunteer:


As part of the SOMDIAA group's Corporate Social Responsibility policy, the subsidiaries have developed support structures for local initiatives. The Foundations are intended to meet local needs through the implementation of capacity building training and development projects co-constructed with local populations. Field Operators are the linchpins of this policy which makes it possible to detect, structure and financially support projects in the territory where each subsidiary is established. As an External Advisor to the Foundation, the VSI supports the Foundation by providing its skills and runs daily support activities with its partner (organization of training, organizational advice, structuring, management, awareness, etc.


Your mission:


The Volunteer acts as an External Advisor to the Foundation. He supports the SOSUCAM / Mbandjock Foundation by providing his skills and runs the Foundation's support activities on a daily basis. The Volunteer works in pairs within an operational team responsible for guiding and supporting the beneficiary populations in the implementation of local and community development initiatives according to the needs expressed locally.




Administrative and financial management:

Running the SOSUCAM Foundation on a daily basis in accordance with its objectives and ethics;

Ensure the development of the Foundation's activities in accordance with the statutorily defined objectives;

Maintain close relations with the Project Selection Committee and with the SOMDIAA Group Foundation Orientation Committee.

Support and training:

Conduct awareness campaigns aimed at the population on the support action proposed by the SOSUCAM Foundation;

Keep the diagnostics (village, institutional) of the action zone up to date (monographic / diagnostic type);

Welcome the associative structures and study their respective needs and the solutions that the SOSUCAM Foundation could offer them;

Organize training for them (by being a trainer or by identifying competent people to provide training);

Ensure the implementation of projects in collaboration with the project leaders;

Ensure the monitoring and evaluation (if necessary the adjustments) of the projects financed, co-financed or carried by the Foundation.

Set up support procedures for basic structures (development and implementation of diagnostic / support / management tools).

Capacity building:

Support the Project Selection Committee on the administrative and financial management of the association's resources;

Transfer their skills to the Foundation's local development officers as well as to the other external advisor and to the members of the Selection Committee and to the simple members of the SOSUCAM Foundation.

Partnerships and relations with stakeholders:

Establish technical and financial partnerships between the SOSUCAM Foundation and development organizations, institutions, economic operators;

Maintain relationships with multiple stakeholders in the intervention area.

Context of life:


Place of life: Rural area, agro-industrial site of SOSUCAM, base life with continuous water + electricity.


Physical environment, climate: The SOSUCAM life base is located in the heart of the sugar area. Note that Yaoundé is 130 km away and it is easy to get there on weekends. The road is asphalted (2012) _ (less than 2 hours of road, night travel prohibited). Daily market in Mbandjock and in the immediate vicinity of the Foundation. Several shops in town where there is a choice of imported products. For European products, supply in Yaoundé.


Housing:Furnished accommodation (living room, 2 beds, wardrobe, table and chairs) and equipped (fridge, gas stove) made available by SOSUCAM inside the company's living base. Continuous electricity, treated water. WIFI network available from the accommodation with the purchase of an auxiliary antenna. The base life has a bar / restaurant, a swimming pool (Mbandjock) and a tennis court.


Your profile:


Desired training:

At least, BAC + 2/3 in Local Development and / or International Project Management and / or Agriculture / Agronomy and / or Rural Development.

Other skills and aptitudes required:

Project management ;

Administrative and financial management;

Finance research ;

Carrying out studies and diagnostics;

Very good writing and oral skills;

Force of proposal;

The ability to work in a team.

Negotiation / Diplomacy / Communication;


Conditions of the mission:


Contract of International Solidarity Volunteers (VSI) signed with CEFODE. See conditions on: http://cefode.org/04volontariat/04demarchec.php


Duration of the assignment: 24 months from July 2021.


To apply :

Cover letter and CV to send to: volunteers@cefode.org

Indicate in the subject line of your email: "Rural Development Mission - SOMDIAA - SOSUCAM Cameroon"

Validity date: 06/15/2021





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