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Evaluation team for three evaluations of a McGovern-Dole project at Nascent Solutions

Akwajobs   ( Adamawa, East, North, and North West regions of Cameroon)

Posted : 7 December, 2018
Category : Agriculture   Location : Adamawa, East, North, and North West regions of Cameroon
Job type : Full Time


Three evaluations – baseline (around January – April 2019), midterm (around March-July 2021), and final (around March-July 2023).A mix of home-based and field-based work required.

Purpose of this ToR: To introduce and solicit bids for three evaluations (baseline survey, midterm evaluation, final evaluation) mandated by USDA and desired by Nascent.

Profile of Evaluation Team:

Evaluators are welcome to assemble a team as they see fit (not including field level data collectors, who will be recruited separately). Their skills should be complementary, with one identified as the team lead, who will bear responsibility for all work products and processes. Both firms and groups of independent consultants are welcome to apply.

Combined, the team should have the following skills and attributes:

  • High proficiency in English and French.
  • Demonstrated experience leading complex outcome and impact evaluations.
  • Demonstrated expertise in study design, statistical analysis and sampling, development of data collection tools, questionnaire design, data collection (including mobile), conducting interviews, data analysis, and report writing;
  • Experience in data processing and analysis using statistical software, including analyzing complex (multi-stage cluster samples) surveys.
  • Experience using propensity score matching, principal component analysis, and difference-in-differences analysis techniques.
  • Demonstrated experience in using qualitative evaluation methods such as focus group discussions and key informant interviews.
  • Demonstrated experience in training and managing field data collectors.
  • Subject matter expertise in literacy, education, and nutrition.
  • Strong teamwork ability across cultures and time zones.
  • An ability to effectively and respectfully communicate with a variety of stakeholders, ranging from young pupils to government officials.
  • Experience using local data collectors, and involving project stakeholders in the evaluation.
  • Experience with Early Grade Reading Assessments (EGRA), Stallings Classroom Observation system, and Dietary Diversity surveys.
  • Experience with USDA McGovern-Dole projects.
  • Experience in Cameroon or the west/central Africa region.


Interested candidates should apply by submitting the following documents in a single PDF no later than 10 December 2018. Submissions must be made via email to Patrick Gallagher, Director of Monitoring and Evaluation at Nascent Solutions (pgallagher@nascents.org) and copied to bwamey@nascents.org. Submissions should be in English only.

Organizational/team capacity statement outlining relevant evaluation experience and ability to perform the three evaluations with methodological rigor. This should be a maximum of 3 pages.

CV of each proposed evaluator and his/her role. Please limit CVs to no more than 4 pages each.

Financial proposal that includes (in US dollars):

Daily fee and days required for each team member

Estimated expenses attributable to each team member (note that several expenses are paid for directly by Nascent as detailed above so should not be included in this financial proposal). This will include, for example, airfare for team members travelling to Cameroon.