Digital Marketing Specialist

Posted : 13 April, 2021
Location : Yaounde, Cameroon
Category : Commerce, Marketing Et Vente
Job type : Full Time


The Digital Marketing Specialist’s main objective is to develop strategies and content that promotes the brand (Caasitech Academy), our flagship product (Modern Workforce) and trainings for certifications via the digital media - the website, social media platforms (Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc), messaging apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Dikalo etc).

The role requires perfect understanding of Caasistech Academy’s vision and products; expertise in using digital media to drive conversations about the brand, products and services,  excellent negotiation and presentation skills, independent judgement, initiative, communication and interpersonal skills.


A. Digital Marketing Strategy, Planning and Budgeting

  1. Identify trends and insights and use them to inform digital marketing strategy and plans

  2. Allocate marketing investments 

  3. Planning, development and execution of digital marketing campaigns, including online advertising, website strategy and design, social media, mobile, messaging and deliverables. 

  4. Interfacing with sales, delivery and design teams

B. Content Creation, Distribution and Engagement

  1. Manage an organization's website and maintain it, keeping best practices in mind 

  2. Developing, managing and designing layouts of communications such as presentations, newsletters, event support materials, research papers, and brochures.

  3. Leading ongoing management of digital touch points, including (home page and top level sections), social networking landing pages, and mobile.

  4. Optimize content for the website and social media platforms 

  5. Work with various content formats such as blogs, videos, audio podcasts, etc.

  6. Developing and coordinating multimedia packages.

C. Analytics

  1. Track the website traffic flow as well as engagement on the various digital channels

  2. Owning and maintaining site analytics, metrics, and campaign reporting. 

  3. Implement and analyze performance metrics 

  4. Measure and assess goals vis-à-vis ROI

D. Other duties and responsibilities

  1. Recommends changes in services, approach and competition development.

  2. Driving sales whenever the opportunity arises

  3. Representing Caasitech Academy at events and functions

  4. Writing and presenting Activity Reports - weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.



  1. Perfectly bilingual in French and English

  2. Mastery of digital marketing tools, techniques and processes

  3. Good in using graphics software like Photoshop or

  4. Ability to master the website, products and processes

  5. Ability to make people feel welcome, hopeful and be helpful even in difficult situations

  6. Have an excellent knowledge of all Caasitech Academy’s vision and products.

  7. Ability to initiate, negotiate and close deals

  8. Excellent at using Microsoft Office Suite - Word, Excel and PowerPoint or alternatives.

  9. Ability to work in teams.

  10. Excellent at writing reports.

  11. Open and willingness to learn new techniques and processes.

  12. Ability to develop new ideas, products and procedures.

  13. Self confident, quick and ready to learn, innovative, persuasive and apt.


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