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Data Clerk

Georgetown University   (Center and East)

Posted : 16 September, 2020
Category : Health   Location : Center and East
Job type : Full Time


Georgetown University In collaboration with the Regional Technical Group in The Center and East regions seek to recruit the Data clerk (DC) who will be posted in health facilities to help improve documentation and reporting (of quality data) of services in HIV care.

Position: Data Clerk  

Reports to:  Data Associates/Site Coordinator/RTG

Location: East and Center Regions 

Number: 200


Summary of the Position

The Data Clerk is a person posted in a health facility that has a comprehensive HIV care service. Its main objective is to support the health facility in keeping track of patient of the Facility by entering data into the facility Health information system, maintaining electronic records and Log and running report. This helps in measuring and monitoring the service provided at the facility and its effect on the patient’s health. The data clerk posted in health facility will be responsible for the data of the entire people on ART in the CTA of the health facility, including the people that are tested at all entry points of the health facility and the people that take their drugs from CBOs related to the health facility.


Placed under the authority of the person in charge of the HIV care service or the health facility, and under the supervision of the RTG. DC will maintain the facility health information system up to date.

The DC will have four (4) essential missions:

§  Mission 1:  Maintain all patient records (files and registers) appropriately and available for prompt patient management by all care providers during each clinic visit. Including secure storage, confidential and timely provision of all patient management tools during each patient clinic visit.

§  Mission 2:  Ensure the complete and accurate transcription of all patients information visiting the clinic, from hard copies (patient file, register and other sources document) into the Facility Health Information system (DAMA/EMR); Ensure Accuracy and validity of the information transcribed into the facility Health Information system;

§  Mission 3: Provide all care providers (Doctors, nurses, APS) with data for quality improvement for longitudinal patient management and monitoring along the 95-95-95 to at the hospital

§  Mission 4: Targeted reporting and active monitoring of key activities and indicators at the facility level for service delivery improvement

§  Mission 5: Actively participate in all Continuous Quality Improvement Activities to improvement Data generation, report, data use and clinical care the site



The Contractor undertakes to perform the following tasks:


1.      Mission 1:

a.      Keeps track of received data and source documents

b.      Prepare and sorts source documents, identifies, interprets, and verifies accuracy of data to be entered

c.       Data entry on required template of the Facility Health Information system (DAMA/EMR). Enters alphabetic, numeric, or symbolic data from source documents into computer following format displayed on screen, and enters necessary codes

d.      Verify outdated data and make necessary changes to electronic records

e.      Compares data entered with source documents, or reenters data in verification format on screen to detect errors

2.      Mission 2:

a.      Contacts preparers of source documents to resolve questions, inconsistencies, or missing data elements.

b.      Reviews and makes necessary corrections to information entered.

c.       Assists in establishing and maintaining an effective and efficient records management system.

d.      Generates reports and responds to inquiries regarding entered data as requested by the facility management, the administration or GGHC

e.      Ensure confidentiality of the databases and comply with data integrity and the security policies of the GGHC.

f.        Ensure the Facility Health information system is up to date daily

g.       Ensure that DAMA/EMR online sync is done daily.

h.      Escalates issues with DAMA/EMR are escalated immediately to Data Associates

3.      Mission 3:

a.      Generate, on a daily basis and for every psychosocial support agent (PSA), the list of all patients in the cohort  who were lost to the treatment and keep track of the documentation of their follow-up outcomes into the facility Health information system;

b.      Generate a daily list of patients per cohort of PSA, who must pick up antiretroviral treatment.

c.       Keep track of all PLHIV targeted activities into the facility health information system such as home visit and other community activities, support group attendance and management of High viral load.

d.      Provide doctors and nurses with a daily list of patients not receiving all require quality of service delivery for quality improvement


e.      Contribute to the monitoring of quality improvement effort of the HIV care service of the facility, to meet the standard

4.      Mission 4:

a.      Make a daily summary report of the activities.

b.      Make a daily report of the level of achievement of indicators by gender and age.

c.       Prepare and maintain all the reports (weekly, monthly, and quarterly) and provide them whenever necessary and at the same time perform backup operations

d.      Ensure the safety and security of data entry and processing related equipment of the HIV care service.

e.      Attend all meetings of planning and coordination of the health facility and especially HIV care service data validation meetings to present progress reports.

f.        Contributes to a team effort and accomplishes related results as required

5.      Mission 5:

a.      Prepare documents and participate in all Data quality audits onsite as necessary

b.      Participate in the generation of analysis for all CQI projects and present using appropriate tools such as run charts

c.       Prepare documentations and participate in all GSM and SIMS activities


It is expected DC will deliver:

?  Every day: A reporting sheet of daily achievement that will be provided to the ART service Coordinator of the health facility. The facility database is updated, and daily Backup done and sync to the SharePoint.

?  Every week: A weekly report, a copy will be given to the coordinator or Major of HIV care service for review and transmitted to the designee at GGHC for information every Friday of the week.

?  Each month end: A monthly report, a copy will be given to the coordinator or Major of HIV care service for signature. A copy will be transmitted to the RTG and GGHC on the first day of the following month.



Process indicators




Generated line list of patients tested positive per entry point and per strategies and those initiated on ART, daily to help PSA in tracking missed opportunity for linkage


Generated line list of patients on appointment, patient on CAD or MMD daily to ensure that all patients are seen and receive the appropriate care


Generated line list of patients due for VL,  done their VL and are virally suppressed


Generated line list of unsuppressed clients and clients following EAC daily to Help PSA in a better management of client with high viral load


Performance indicators






Proportion of daily reports submitted before 8:00 am the following day 

100% daily report submitted on time


Proportion of weekly report submitted every Friday Before 4:00 pm to the designee GGHC

100% weekly report submitted on time


Proportion of monthly report submitted before the 2nd of the following month

100% monthly report submitted on time



Proportion of registers and source documents with complete records entered into the facility HIS (DAMA/EMR)

At least 95% of completeness


Proportion of weekly and monthly report with all the variable reported (Weekly, monthly, quarterly)

100% completeness of periodic report



Concurrence rate of weekly/monthly report using the weekly report validation tool



Qualification and Experience

§  GCE advanced Level in Informatics, or any other Sciences,

§  Intermediate to expert in the use of Computer

§  Good knowledge of Microsoft office (word, excel, access, power point)

§  Prior experience working with DAMA, EMR or any other patient level information system is an added advantage

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