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Coordinateur (trice) terrain Livelihood at Jesuit Refugee Service

   (Yaounde - Cameroon)

Posted : 6 December, 2018
Category : Volunteering   Location : Yaounde - Cameroon
Job type : Full Time


JRS is an international non-governmental organization whose mission is to accompany, serve and defend the rights of refugees and forcibly displaced persons. The organization was founded in November 1980 and has a presence in more than 50 countries. JRS engages services at the national and regional levels, with the support and guidance of an international Rome office. JRS's style of service is human and spiritual, working in situations of greatest need, seeking the long-term well-being of refugees and displaced persons, without neglecting their immediate or urgent needs. . JRS offers opportunities for a wide range of local and international staff, while maintaining a realistic and localized salary / allowance, insurance, and so on.

In 2013, responding to the invitation of the Catholic Church of Cameroon (L'Archev de Bertoua, Mgr Joseph Atanga), JRS International decided, through JRS / West Africa, to settle in the country in order to provide its response. the situation of Central African refugees in Cameroon, especially the thousands of children and vulnerable people in need of protection, psychosocial support and educational support. In 2015, after a needs assessment, JRS began to deploy east of Cameroon as a apostolic mission of the Compagnie de J sus in Cameroon (COJECAM).


Duration : 6 months renewable depending on performance and availability of funds.

Trial period : 2 months.

D Mission goal : 1st February 2019

R mun ration : comp titif align wages on exp rience and potentialit s of the person detained.

Associated benefits:

Rime leave pay: 12 working days on the period.

Rest and Recovery (R & R): One (1) R & R of 5 working days in the period. The right of enjoyment acquires after three (3) months of actual service with a lump sum payment of 213 Euros;

Costs covered by JRS: Return transportation from the place of recruitment to the duty station and covered visas.

International insurance: medical coverage, 24-hour assistance, repatriation.


General purpose of the post:

Under the supervision of the JRS Bertoua Project Director, the coordinator responsible for the Livelihood objective will assist in the implementation of activities related to the improvement of vocational integration opportunities for young Central African and local refugees through the establishment, follow-up and accompaniment of a Bertoua vocational training course. Working in close collaboration with the other members of the program team, the coordinator will ensure in particular that all activities in his area of ??competence are results-oriented. He / she will ensure that tasks assigned to him / her are carried out in a timely and efficient manner in the interest of those accompanying the JRS program.

Main responsibilities for the position:

  • Ensure greater visibility of the activities of the objective under its responsibility;
  • In collaboration with the supervisor, plan, organize, co-ordinate and control all activities related to the livelihoods objective of accompanying persons;
  • Contribute in all phases of development of project proposals;
  • Conduct field needs assessment missions to identify future sites and potential beneficiaries and establish vulnerability criteria;
  • Produce on-time, needs, requirements and other demands and justifications related to the smooth running of project activities;
  • Develop a simple guide for referrals that will allow tracking officers to update data;
  • Ensure the supervision and periodic evaluation of the performance of the monitoring agents;
  • Establish and monitor the weekly and monthly planning of project activities and monthly forecasts of related expenses by following the template and monitoring it;
  • Make proposals necessary to the hierarchy to better achieve the objectives of the project;
  • Complete monthly, quarterly and annual reports within the required time.

Expected results:

  • Organize, plan educational and teaching support for learners;
  • Accompany, advise, follow the training and provide coaching / mentoring of learners;
  • Collaborate with the CFP and companies and other structures / authorities with a view to the professional integration of learners;
  • Facilitate the development of the socio- economic integration component of young people;
  • Collect data, report and evaluate results.

1 Organize, plan educational and pedagogical support for learners

Ensure the adaptation of the JRS training modules to the vocational training modules of the Ministry of Employment and Professional Training (MINEFOP) of the Cameroonian StateOrganize and monitor the distribution of vocational training kits in vocational training centers (CFP) reassure that the types of training offered are in line with the real needs of the labor market. In collaboration with MINEFOP, organize and facilitate at least once during the cycle the pedagogical inspection of the modular training courses of the JRS partner centers.

2 Accompany, advise, follow the training and ensure the coaching / mentoring of the learners

  • Organize coaching trainings young people's attention for business plan creation and co-operative work Organize coaching sessions on entrepreneurship.
  • Provide answers and guidance to learners' difficulties in collaboration with the PSC by developing mentorship.
  • Follow and accompany learners through weekly visits to vocational training centers (CFP).
  • Set up preparation sessions for business opening, with particular attention for refugees.
  • Encourage and support the promotion of the youth association by groups of thirds.

3 Collaborate with the CFP and the companies and other structures / authorities with a view to the professional insertion of the learners

Support, advise and support the training centers chosen for the preparation of young people for the exercise of a professional team. Ensure the follow-up of trainees' internships in the companies selected by the CFPAider the young people set up viable projects and support them in the banking structures local authorities or authorities able to finance them Develop continuous contact with local companies to know their recruitment needs and suggest names of learners with the profile of their training received in the CFPSFollow groups of m thirds post-training can guarantee the employability of the learners or propose, if necessary,the orientation of learners' training according to the real needs of the labor market Organizing days brings the attention of recruiters and business owners to make them aware of the quality and types of training that are given. in PSCs and build on the employability of learners.

4 Facilitate the development of socio-economic integration of young people

To ensure that individual training modules for young people, with the development training centers, are well versed in the proper management of income-generating activities and in basic financial concepts. Promoting informal collaborations with the private or public sector for social reintegration. - Sustainable youth economics.

5- To collect data, report and evaluate the results

In collaboration with the Project Director and the Head of the Programs Department, develop monitoring and data collection tools for the analysis and development of new projects. Produce monthly reports and make case studies and conduct evaluations. participatory quarterly Produce and share with the Project Manager, weekly activity reports, monthly, quarterly and end-of-project reports. Conduct a project impact study on beneficiaries and the population in general. This study should lead to conclusions and recommendations to enable JRS and the actors involved in the implementation of this project to capitalize on all the information relating to this type of intervention and to make recommendations for a possible follow-up.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Minimum 3 years professional experience in management and coordination of livelihood projects;
  • At least a 3-year diploma in agronomy, agriculture, project management or any related field;
  • Previous experience in the field of IGAs, training, coaching and professional integration of young people and jobseekers, advice and creation of companies, entrepreneurship or a related field;
  • Experience in agricultural co-operatives or working with peasant and / or refugee communities; Previous professional experience in complex and unstable contexts;
  • To have a good knowledge of the context, habits, cultures, local languages ??spoken in Eastern Cameroon would be a considerable asset;
  • Knowledge of national and international standards and standards for food security and livelihoods;
  • Ability to understand and deal with cross-cutting issues such as gender, protection, HIV / AIDS, child abuse, unemployment, the environment;
  • IT: MS Office requires (Word, Excel, PowerPoint);
  • Experience in the management of development and emergency projects;
  • Excellent organizational, management and planning skills Excellent my French language (written and spoken) and good knowledge of English (written and spoken);

Good reporting ability;

  • Flexibility and ability to work in a difficult environment, under pressure and in an often uncomfortable environment;
  • To be able to work in a team and in a multicultural context;
  • Develop the meaning of advocacy;
  • Will and ability to move constantly on the ground.


  • Adhere to JRS values ??and respect the code of conduct
  • Ability to take initiatives and bring innovative ideas.
  • Good sense of communication
  • Sense of discretion and responsibility
  • Ability to adapt working conditions and tasks that can change with the reality of the field.

How to apply:

Applications (cover letter and CV with Skype address and three references) must be sent with the title of the post at the following address: abdoulaye.binate@jrs.net and with copy jean.ospital @ jrs.net and midaanga.koudema@jrs.net

The deadline for receipt of applications is 11 January 2019 at 17:00.

However, given the urgency, JRS reserves the right to suspend the reception of the files before this date if it considers that several candidates having postul have the desired profile.

Only selected candidates will be contacted for a test and / or an interview.

Incomplete or sent applications beyond the deadline for receipt of applications will be rejected systematically.

NB: The candidatures are encouraged.