Call for application of teachers at the SONARA School

Posted : 9 May, 2022
Location : Limbe, South West Cameroon
Category : Teaching
Job type : Full Time

Following the evolution of the School and the extention of its English speaking section SONARA School is calling for the applicants for the following subjects:


    •  English Language and Literature in English (4 to 6 hours per week) for the anglophone section

  • Physics and Chemistry (4 to 6 hours per week) for Francophone section
  • Francais (7 to 8 hours per week*2) for the Francophone section
  •  Sciences économiques et sociales (8hours per week) for the francophone section


Applicants should submit before 30 May 2022 to the SONARA School secretariat a file including:


  • A job application
  • A curriculum vitae
  • A motivation letter
  • Copies of diplômas
  • Copy of national identity card



The pré-selected candidates will be notifie of their invitation to the next stage of the procedure

NB: Ne donnez pas d'argent pour obtenir un emploi


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