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How to Land that Job by Optimizing these 05 Employers’ Secrets
Posted March 1st, 2019 -- 9:11 AM

Hiring Secrets Employers Hide

As a job seeker, it feels natural to want to hide a few things about yourself from potential employers, lik...

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Catching Recruiter's Attention
Posted February 26th, 2019 -- 4:54 PM

February 26, 2019

Connecting with recruiters is one of the best strategies for scoring the interview you need to get the job you want. Ye...

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How to Write an Outstanding Motivation Letter
Posted July 23rd, 2016 -- 2:41 PM

For most recruiters or employers, the Motivation Letter is the first thing that enable them form a perception about a job seeker. An outstanding motiv...

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The difference we make
Posted July 10th, 2016 -- 5:00 PM

Searching a job - online or offline - is hard. Most people give up after trying for a long long time. For someone who hasn't had the joy of getting a...

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How to protect yourself against fake jobs online
Posted June 17th, 2016 -- 12:46 AM

For those of you who have been using akwajobs for a long time now, you will attest that the number of fake jobs coming from the site has dropped fr...

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