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The difference we make
Posted July 10th, 2016 -- 5:00 PM

Searching a job - online or offline - is hard. Most people give up after trying for a long long time. For someone who hasn't had the joy of getting a job that pays, it could be very frustrating dropping CVs here and there. For those working who want to switch roles or move to other companies, there's little or no time carrying out a proper job search - online of offline.

No one needs to feel that way anymore. At Akwajobs, we have focused on giving the user - job seeker - a clean experience. An experience that is compared to none. We focus on jobs that are genuine, and we make the write-ups very clear to everyone's reading ability. Using the right spacing and formatting so there are no mix ups in the message. In addition to these operational and design clues, we have been providing as much assistance as possible to those who may need it.

Today, we are going a step further in making the job seeker at the center of our operations. We are opening our Job Seeker Assistance programmes to all users. We can do this because we have gone through the design phases, we have learned what we needed to learn to make these products (services) awesome to our users and we have incorporated all of that learning in all the products.

At Akwajobs, we have three major products for job seekers. Each of these products are meant to assist the job seeker as much as possible given their needs. These products are - SmartProfile, ActiveSearch and JobSure.


SmartProfile has a very straightforward purpose, to create a profile for the job seeker that sells the skills, capabilities and competences of the job seeker. With SmartProfile, a job seeker works with a Career Coach who helps the job seeker identify their major strengths, unique motivation and pattern of work. This information is then used to prepare a CV and a model template for the job seeker.


This is the service that gets the job of searching for a job done without the job seeker searching for the job. In addition, it comes with the bonus of having SmartProfile free of charge. ActiveSearch is mainly for those who have very tight schedules with their current work and will like to have someone do the search of a job for them. The Job Seeker is informed entirely during the period and in situations where there are positives, Career Coaches at Akwajobs help prepare the job seeker for interviews. It is an amazing product!
ActiveSearch Job search without the stress!!!


Simply put, JobSure is ActiveSearch with a "money back guarantee". Imagine paying someone to get you a job and if the person doesn't you get your money back. It comes with everything of ActiveSearch and SmartProfile. Implying when it is successful, you have a job. But the times that it is not successful :(, you get the services of ActiveSearch and SmartProfile FREE OF CHARGE. Just imagine!!

We're here for you - job seeker. We're here to give you our best. Those who've passed through our services are so wowed with the experience. You too can be one of them.

With love, Akwajobs