First edition of the Akwajobs Career Talks Report

Posted : July 12th, 2021 | 2:27 PM

The maiden edition of "Akwajobs Career Talks" Titled "Get the Job You Want Even When No One is Hiring", was held on Sunday the 11th of July, 2021 and started at 7pm (GMT +1) with an amazing woman of substance as the guest presenter, Hon. Epeti Ndive Else,  (CEO AWEC, Enterprise Advisor APME Littoral-South West Basin).

The leadoff presentation focused on defining the concepts of unemployment, employment and underemployment. Participants were educated on the reasons why most of them were still job hunting or not even satisfied with the jobs they had. Fundamental issues to be tackled including career mismatch, employment discrimination, lack of relevant skills and economic crisis were raised. This was followed by a talk on the emotions job seekers face in the process of seeking employment and ways of overcoming them.

Positioning self for a job was the next presentation, Hon Mme Epeti Ndive taught participants about the importance of a good mindset while job hunting. She noted that a positive mind was as important as relevant skills required to gain employment. She went further to stress the fact that job search is a project and a process that requires a whole lot of personal development, relevant skills acquisition, better manner of approach and plenty more.

Participants also learned about the 3 keys for job search, with self-discovery as one of the key attributes in a successful job search journey. Here, Hon. Epeti Ndive talked of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and required capacity. Planning and preparation was another key which focused on the field of interest, setting career goals, seeking out for prospective employers and companies. Implementation as the last key focused on attending events for networking while branding self through new skills and qualifications. She pinpointed rebranding of job seeker's profiles on social media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn. This online event ended at 8pm with a presentation on the required strategies for job searching and a word of encouragement to participants.

Reported by Tataw Ayuk Emilie