CEO of your Career - B2B Sales / Business Development

Posted : July 10th, 2019 | 9:04 AM

CEO of your Career - B2B Sales / Business Development

Are you a B2B Salesperson or Business Development Specialist and you’ve been wondering how to lead and manage your Career like a CEO? The key is in knowing your KPIs. KPIs stand for key performance indicators. They’re what your bosses use to know if your performance is bad, good or excellent. Plus, how does it change over time? Are you the kind who starts great, then in 4 months time your performance is a ghost of itself?

Generally, your KPIs include number and quality of leads identified, number of exchanges (interactions, meetings etc) had with the leads, number and value of deals signed, retention rate of customers and state of the relationship between the client and your company.

As the CEO, your job is to know these metrics and use them to lead and direct your career towards high performance thus promotion with better working conditions. To do this, you need to constantly improve on your skills and network.

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