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Beware of employment scams
Posted January 15th, 2016 -- 9:59 AM

Before getting into the matter of interest, we will like to apologize to those who have been swindled of their money as a result of using our services. We are deeply sorry for that. As a matter of fact, we have become very vigilant in the kinds of jobs we accept on our platform.

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We have had a few of our users complain of being swindled of 15,000 F CFA on the pretext of payment for processing fees for a job they applied to.

Knowing fully well that some job seekers are desperate, con men and women have gotten in the game and are scheming to get money from as many job seekers as possible. Individually, the amounts requested may be small, say 5,000 F CFA, but cumulatively, it could get as high as 250,000 F CFA per scam.

For all our users, you should know that any recruiter - a company or recruitment firm - that intends to recruit you, with the aim of paying you for the services you will be rendering, will never ask you to pay money so they can process your files. They have well honed structures, processes and financing for such things. Whenever you apply for a job and you are requested to pay application fees, please you should think twice about it before parting with your cash.

Before parting with your cash, please be sure it is for something that's worth paying for.

The Akwajobs Team