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ActiveSearch by Akwajobs / ActiveSearch par Akwajobs
Posted March 19th, 2019 -- 1:18 PM

ActiveSearch by Akwajobs

What is ActiveSearch? ActiveSearch is a coaching programme for Professionals in search of promotion, performance improvement or job fulfillment. ActiveSearch subscribers receive direct support from Otto B. Isong, the Founder of Akwajobs. It is a high touch high impact programme, as such, the spaces per month are very limited.  

Who can subscribe to ActiveSearch? An experienced professional who thinks her/his career has plateaued and needs some coaching to take it to the level. The Coach works with Professionals with Professionals with at least 5 years of cumulative working experience. 

How much does it cost? The fee is divided into two - Registration and Success fees. To get started, the Professional pays a Registration Fee of 60,000 F CFA. Once the objective is attained, the Professional pays the Success Fee of 60,000 F CFA.  

What do we do? In subscribing for ActiveSearch, a Professional chooses one of three objectives - Promotion (a new job in another organization, a new job in the same organisation with more responsibilities etc), Performance Improvement or Job Fulfillment. The Coach then analyses the situation and prepares a programme of work with the Professional to achieve that unique objective within a specific period of time. Sometimes, the initial analysis could warrant a change in objective.